With your wedding day approaching, everything seems to be twirling in one big haze, doesn’t it? The venue, the band, the guests, the menu, the invitations, your gown and, of course – the bridesmaid dresses. Ahhhh, so much to do! And while you may be one of those cool, hip brides with their wedding planner on the speed dial from day one, you can’t help but still have nerves about the whole thing – after all, your wedding is one of the most important days in your adult life and you want everything to go as smooth as possible. Hey, no judgment!

Bridesmaids and gowns

Your bridesmaids should be your rock all throughout the wedding planning; whether it’s for decoration decisions or just support through your hectic days, doesn’t matter. And – you’ll find the way to repay them! Apart from your love and loyalty, they’ll be getting amazing bridesmaid dresses as a gift! Sure, you’ll make sure the dresses are gorgeous and in line and style with your wedding gown, but you and your dress will still be the centre of all attention. Right? Right.

Questions, questions, questions

There is no better way to decide on the bridesmaids’ dresses than to ask a few basic, yet deciding questions: What colours and fabrics coordinate/enhance your wedding style? What types of dresses will your bridesmaids want? What shapes will flatter your bridesmaids’ bodies? Should you go for sameness of cut and colour or versatility and connective details?

Once you’ve nailed down those key questions, rely on our suggestions below for making your final decision. Just remember, stick to what makes sense and don’t let anything shift the spotlight from you (yes, this does sound awful but hey – it’s your day, and a little vanity has never hurt anyone).

bridesmaid dress

1. Talk to the ‘maids

Prior to making any decisions, talk to your bridesmaids about the style they’d love to rock for your wedding day. Hear them out, take in their suggestions and include what you’ve heard in your final decision-making. Have them know that the final decision is entirely up to you and that you’ll try to find the compromise for everyone to be happy.

2. Pick a unifying element

If you are thinking versatility, good; matchy-matchy can look super gorgeous but it can also look absolutely drab (you don’t want to risk). This is why we recommend you find something that will be tying your bridal party together style-wise.

The color, fabric, neckline, length — at least one aspect of your bridesmaids’ look — should be the element that unifies the group. A surprising add-on accessory, like a hair pin, bolero, brooch, waist bow, etc. could also be the “unifying” element to go with.

3. Coordinate your fabrics

Imagine yourself wearing a gorgeously soft, flowy chiffon gown. Have you? Good. Now imagine your bridesmaids in structured taffeta dresses. Not a pretty picture, right? To avoid the whole concept looking odd, choose bridesmaid dresses that complement your own gown.

4. Select a style and shape that flatters

Your bridesmaids don’t all have the same body type and BMI and this is something you need to be very careful about. What’s one woman’s dream cut it’s another woman’s nightmare. For instance, a flowy empire waist allows for extra tummy coverage while a fit-and-flare silhouette with a corset will give the silhouette an hourglass shape and extra curves. Vertical stripes are perfect for petite women while drapes tend to add weight. If you’re unsure yourself, consult a professional tailor on the cuts that go with your bridesmaids’ body types.

5. Choose a length

There’s rarely anything as confusing as different lengths of bridesmaids’ gowns. No matter how standout legs a few of your ‘maids have, if you’ve agreed on a maxi, everyone needs to go maxi. No “hemming up” allowed.

We wish you all the luck with choosing the right style of your bridesmaids’ dresses (and we hope we’ve been helpful). Enjoy it!

Written by Diana Smith

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