While a wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in our life, the process of planning and preparation for that big day is a considerable challenge. We spend months contemplating on what venue would be the most appropriate, which dress would perfectly match the ambience and what music would complement the atmosphere. Numerous options usually put us in an even more difficult dilemma, making us have second thoughts about even the smallest details. It can give us terrible headaches and put us under a lot of pressure. Focusing more on your personal wedding style will help you avoid stressful situations. Make a list of your preferences and find what suits your needs and matches your personality. Here are a few important steps you should take if you want to make the most of your special day while remaining stress-free.

Search for some inspiration

An easy access to almost any necessary information and a possibility to surf the Internet in order to find the right answer to any question help us get some creative and inspiring ideas but also provide us with a bulk of options which makes the whole process pretty tiring. If you want to narrow down the multitude of options, it is essential to precisely determine the wedding theme and the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. Besides browsing various sources on the internet, flick through pages of some bridal magazines or search for some wedding photos which might spark an idea. Searching for inspiration takes some time and should not be limited to only obvious resources. You can find inspiration in different seasons, some people you admire or in some memorable moments from your childhood. The most important thing is to choose the style that reflects your personality and character.

Choose your colours

Choosing the perfect colors is a determining factor during the wedding preparation. The rest of the décor heavily depends on the selection of colors. The easiest way to come to a conclusion which color to choose is to take a color palette and select a color scheme that will perfectly match the venue and its surroundings. Start with one basic color and add at least another one that will accentuate the venue and bring some life to the space. Also, the season of the year when the wedding will be held is another important element when it comes to ultimate wedding styling.  Spring is ideal for soft pink, yellow and green hues, while intense colors like vibrant red, electrifying green and powerful turquoise are perfect for summer weddings. Naturally, the color pallet you choose must be in accordance with the general mood you are leaning toward.

Research the venue

The choice of colors, the wedding dress and the entire wedding atmosphere are pretty much affected by the choice of the venue. Therefore, finding a perfect venue should be on the top of your list. If you have visualized a ballroom or some art gallery, then you are looking for an elegant luxurious venue. However, if it is a country barn, or an old local school ballroom, then you gravitate toward a casual romantic vintage setting, somewhere in the nature. While some venues like Vaucluse restaurant are in a top-notch condition and require just a few adaptations, venues such as lofts, tents and gardens require bigger refreshing changes that will, in turn, help you determine your style.

Decide on a formality

Finally, all previously mentioned things depend on the level of formality you wish to achieve. Whether you want your guest to enjoy having a wild beach party or wear black suits and elegant gowns, it is essential to envision the right setting as it will dictate your vision and help you decide how formal or informal your wedding will be.

Once you realise what your perfect style is, incorporate it into your wedding and indulge in the unique and stylish ambience that everyone will adore.

Written by Diana Smith

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