You may know the expression ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but you may not know its origin and
why it is that it sticks in your head. It comes from a song in a Broadway show but was made a very
famous statement by the late Marilyn Monroe in one of her movies. It is a song that many Australians
are able to sing and so the expression still sticks around even to this day. If you were to ask any
Australian lady what kind of ring that she would like bearing in mind that she can choose any jewel
currently available and the vast majority will always say that they would like a diamond.
If you are reading this article because it is your wish to propose to the lady in your life and you’re not
sure what kind of ring to go for then you really cannot go wrong if you decide to put your hand in your
wallet or purse and pay for a lab grown diamond ring in Sydney. This is a gemstone that is sure to put a
smile on her face and so the following are just some of the reasons why diamonds continue to be an
Australian girl’s best friend.

  1. They really do last forever – People come and people go but diamonds will be here forever and
    they are the hardest known substance that we know of in this world. This gives you an idea of
    their significance and why it is that this particular gemstone is chosen over others. It is all of our
    wishes that our relationships last forever and so it seems appropriate that we would choose to
    put this particular stone into a ring and especially an engagement ring.
  2. They are of exceptional quality – Diamonds and even lab grown ones go through incredible
    tasting and certification is to make sure that they are a quality item. You will receive certification
    telling you about the cut, the clarity, the carat size and of course the colour. It makes a lot more
    financial sense to invest in something that is of high quality than something that will lose its
    lustre and shine in a short period of time.
  3. They are just beautiful – Every single diamond that you see will certainly sparkle in actually
    change colour in the light. They are the perfect accessory for any kind of fashionable outfit and
    there is no way that they will ever go out of style. They will certainly last you for your lifetime
    and they come in many different colours and shapes. While the stone is incredibly beautiful, its
    beauty is brought out by the kind of mental that you surround it with and you have many
    options including gold, white gold and platinum amongst others.
    The other great selling point is that they hold their value incredibly well but the main thing is that they
    will represent your love towards someone else and the bigger, the better. It is the true way for anyone
    to say that they love someone.

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