You are the bride, and you have to look special on your wedding day! You are the person who is going to be the center of attention for the entire day, so without doubt, you have to look breathtaking. Choosing the most beautiful wedding gown is extremely important, but doesn’t mean anything if your hair doesn’t play along, so opting for a modern hairstyle for your wedding is a must! However, your hair has to go hand-in-hand with your makeup – the two have to fit perfectly in order to achieve the desired breathtaking look! Choosing a location might be a couple’s decision, but you are likely the one who will be pulling the strings

Hair and Makeup

Braided Bun and Silver Strokes

This elegant and polished hairstyle is in no way traditional. Center-parted hair is pulled behind with a large number of braids and twisted to shape a “labyrinth” bun of sorts. As for the makeup, silver lines should frame the eyes following the curve of the eyelid. This style walks a perfect line between elegant and stylish, yet a bit funky and modern.

Hair Necklace

A hair necklace on the top of the bride’s head is a perfect time-travel piece of jewelry reminding us of the roaring 1920s. Instead of putting your crystal shining necklace around the neck, think about putting it around your hair. Naturally, your hair may be tied into an interesting bun, or simply loosened. Groomed eyebrows, peachy eyelids and nude shimmer on lips is a great way to enhance a bride’s beauty.


Now, this is definitely going to seem somewhat weird. For this whacky style, go with a body-baring gown and a bejewelled futuristic headpiece, with an appearance of armor. Go with steel silver shimmer for the eyelids and the full lips. This is a weird idea, but definitely modern!

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Deep Plunge

Instead of an ever-popular open-back trend, opt for a neckline that goes almost to your belly button. This V-neck plunge looks extremely sexy and will make sure that all eyes are on you!


The past couple of seasons have been riddled with capes and this one is no exception. Mix a cape with a button-down top or a lace-trimmed high-low poncho for the desired breathtaking effect.


Accenting the bustier top with lace, elaborate beading, embroidery and creative illusion paneling is the way to go this season. The side boob is definitely in for weddings! This year’s trends certainly bring the word ‘night’ into the gown.


As I mentioned, although it is a couple’s activity, the vast majority of wedding planning is going to be on you, as a bride; partly because he doesn’t really care that much and partly because, well, you care a whole lot! Choosing the right location for a wedding is almost as important as finding the perfect gown and an ideal hairstyle. In fact, your outfit should match the event outfit, which is to say – its location.

A beach wedding is always a popular idea and, quite possibly the most famous one at the moment. North Shore Golf Club, for example, is an excellent wedding location, in addition to being a respectable golf club. On the other hand, there are many other ideas when it comes to weddings and it is all up to you, in the end. Make sure that you keep in mind what’s popular at the moment, but, more importantly, always keep reminding yourself that the two of you have to absolutely love the wedding location.

Making a trendy, memorable wedding is not something left solely to your wedding planner. You have to invest a bit of your own time in preparing this event so that everyone will forever remember it; after all, isn’t this the point of weddings?

Written by Diana Smith

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