Saying “I do” on the picturesque cliffs of Italy’s Amalfi Coast certainly would be magical. However, there are things to consider when planning a destination wedding.

Arranging Wedding Suppliers Remotely

If you’re not in the country, it’s definitely more difficult finding your wedding suppliers. You won’t be able to ask your friends on Facebook for local recommendations. And you can’t use that “incredible makeup artist” your cousin had for her wedding.

It’s not impossible, it just takes more planning and researching to discover vendors in the area. Most importantly, you won’t have the luxury of ‘trying before you buy’. For instance, going for a catering tasting, getting a makeup trial or meeting a celebrant in person to get a sense of their vibe. Therefore, it’s important to check reviews, social profiles and credentials of potential businesses.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the wedding location 6-12 months in advance, this can be a big help for local planning. You may be getting married in your partner’s home country and be lucky enough to tie it in with a trip to see the relatives. If not, don’t fear! You can always jump on Skype with a celebrant and Instagram-stalk potential makeup artists to get a feel for their look and see testimonials from clients.

Give Plenty Of Notice

It requires a lot of planning and money to book a holiday abroad. The sooner you can give your guests notice, the better. People will have to arrange time off work and probably save up for flights and accommodation. Therefore, having enough time to organise the logistics of it is crucial.

Realise Not Everyone Can Attend

If you decide to have a destination wedding you’ll have to accept the reality that not everyone will be able to attend. There’ll inevitably be people who can’t get time off work, be too elderly to travel, have an infant they can’t leave or simply can’t afford it. Be mindful of your closest loved ones. If you can’t imagine your day without your 90 year old Grandad being there to witness it, maybe you’ll have to rethink Thailand for something closer to home.

Account For Jet Lag

Depending on your destination, you could face terrible jet lag. Arriving several days before your wedding will give your body time to adjust. There’d be nothing worse than falling asleep during your own wedding dinner.

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Documents For Getting Married Overseas

There’s no requirement in Australia to register a marriage which takes place overseas. However, you may need to obtain some documents beforehand. The foreign government where you’re getting married may request that you supply a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

Using A Destination Wedding Planner

If the idea of trying to plan a wedding abroad yourself is too overwhelming, consider one of the many companies who specialise in organising destination weddings. By having them take care of everything you’ll be more relaxed and get to spend more quality time with family and friends.

While it can involve a bit more planning, having a destination wedding can be well worth the effort. You’ll get to celebrate with a beautiful romantic wedding day and experience the culture of the destination with your loved ones. Did you have a destination wedding? Let us know!

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