Are you getting married soon? Planning a wedding can be a stressful job to begin with, without the added pressure of getting in shape for the upcoming nuptials. But worry not, that’s where we come in to help you plan your healthy wedding workout plan.

Make a schedule

The first thing we recommend you do is start a schedule that would include all the ‘to-dos’ for each week or month. Then incorporate your wedding workout into the schedule – this way you won’t be able to overlook your workout plan, plus you’ll have a way to relieve all the stress that comes with wedding planning. Exercise is known to help with stress, sleep, energy and overall sense of wellbeing. So, not only will you be getting fit for your wedding, but you’ll also be increasing your energy levels – which is beneficial during the wedding planning.

Keep in mind that your wedding workout schedule should be manageable. Trying to workout in the morning six days a week may be unrealistic since there’s a whole day of wedding stuff ahead of you and you don’t want to be tired for all that. Instead, aim for a few days a week where you can really focus 100 percent during your workout.

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The Wedding Gown Fitting

There is no greater motivation for getting fit than finding the dream wedding dress. Be careful not to choose an unrealistically small or tight dress – you should pick a dress size that is only slightly smaller than your current weight – maybe a dress size smaller. This way, if you end up losing more weight than you originally aimed for, it will be much easier to take a dress in than it is to take it out.

Book a fitting a couple of weeks before the wedding and on your final fitting, avoid unwanted bloating by staying clear of salty foods and keeping hydrated. By doing this you’re preparing for possible last-minute weight loss and all the changes that need to be done to your dress before it’s too late! 

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12 Months of Diet Before the Big Day

The most common question the brides ask is: when do I start working out or dieting (or both)? Well, truth be told, you can start the minute the engagement ring is on your finger – since an early start guarantees a great outcome.

So, if you have a year or even 6 months to diet before the wedding day, you have enough time to set attainable goals and plan ahead. This amount of time allows you to lose weight gradually and to keep the weight off permanently!

It also gives you time and space to implement the above-mentioned workout schedule – and in 12-6 months you will look and feel your best!

However, if you’re well past that point, 12 weeks before the wedding should be enough. 

Now you may be thinking that 12 weeks is a short amount of time, however, for certain diets, this is a long enough time to make and see some noticeable changes. 

If you put your mind to it you can do anything, just don’t stress out and don’t starve yourself because you’ll only get the opposite effect and a very grumpy bride.

What Sort of Diet Should You Go for?

Let’s start by saying that you shouldn’t even consider crash diets. Restrictive crash diets lead to fluctuating weight, which basically means that you’ll more than likely regain any lost weight after your wedding day. Additionally, crash diets also lead to binge-eating and other disordered eating habits which later leads to heart damage and dangerous vitamin deficiencies. And, on top of all that, you’ll also have less energy, less patience, and more mood swings.

So, what kind of diet should you opt for? Protein-rich unprocessed foods such as eggs, nuts, fish, meat – because protein increases your metabolism and it helps suppress hunger hormone, which results in feeling fuller for longer!

The amount of protein you should consume varies, but the general rule for weight loss is to eat 1.6g of protein per kg of body weight.

Next, you should increase the intake of fiber, meaning fruit and grains. Grain and fruit not only contain minimal calories, but they also help aid digestion because it takes longer to digest them, which burns more calories and suppresses hunger.

The most important meal of the day should be breakfast, and not only when you’re wedding dieting – always! By skipping breakfast our bodies go straight to our fat stores – which is not a good idea. Fat doesn’t work as well as glycogen in providing fast energy, so it leaves you feeling more prone to fatigue.

Hydrating is key to your diet as well! Studies have shown that drinking about 2 liters of water per day can have a significant impact on your appearance. It has been shown that hydrating boost skin, hair, and nail health, while it also assists your digestion and keeps it regular.

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12 Weeks of Wedding Workout

Experts say that 12 weeks of working out is ideal, unless you have more than that, then it’s even better. But let’s stick with these 12 weeks for now.

In these 12 weeks, the most recommended workout is a combination of HIIT and resistance/weightlifting exercises. The HIIT workout helps you burn calories and lower body fat whilst the resistance workouts add muscle to help tone specific areas.

Decide which specific areas you want to tone. This means that you can identify body parts or health issues you’d like to address before you take your wedding pictures. For instance, you want to wear an off-shoulder wedding dress – this means that you may wish to target your arms and shoulders. By developing your shoulder caps, or deltoids, you get the added benefit of making your waist appear smaller and your arms look leaner.

To tone your core, try planks and try working on your transverse abdominis muscles, which act like a natural girdle.

If it’s impossible to for you to stick to your workout schedule without some help – enlist your maid of honour or your fiancé to workout with you. This way you will spend quality time together and will motivate each other! Bride can’t be the only one who wants to look good on her wedding day, right?

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Additional Tips for Getting Fit Before the Big Day

If you want to make sure the process of getting fit goes smoothly, additional tips are always welcome!

The first thing you should do is identify and manage your stress levels. Now, I know what you’re thinking – I’m planning a wedding, how can I avoid stress? Yes, wedding planning is a stressful feat, but stress can affect both your physical and mental health. Being stressed impacts your mood, it makes you irritable and you are on a good way of becoming a neurotic bridezilla – which is not something you want to be!

How should you de-stress then? Make time for some down time – this could be taking a bubble bath or spending 10 minutes on meditation or de-stressing activities like yoga or walking. Another thing you could do is to treat yourself with an occasional spa-day. This could really help you relax and collect your thoughts. And who else doesn’t like having a massage and just taking some time-off?

Steer clear of the alcohol as much as possible, as it can be a problem on your way to getting fit! Alcohol enhances appetite which leads to those unwanted midnight snacks. Limiting alcohol consumption and sticking to white spirits will help you cut down the calories.

Finally, you should focus on your goal. Regardless of whether you have a year or 4 weeks to get fit for your wedding day, keep an eye on the final outcome. A year flies by really fast, so don’t dread your wedding workout plan and have fun! Don’t set unattainable goals and you’ll be able to stick to them for the big day. Find a workout that is fun for you and can become part of your weekly routine before and after your wedding.

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