The idea of the ‘First Look’ has grown in popularity in recent years. This new trend sees couples meet before the ceremony to get photos together. It’s a way for the bride and groom to have a private moment away from others and catch some beautiful shots before they say I do.

A first look session means the couple can spend special time together before the formalities begin and provides an opportunity for intimate and emotive photos.

However, some question whether it takes away from the magic of the groom seeing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle, or for the bride seeing her husband-to-be waiting for her.

You may be considering whether a first look is right for you or whether you want to do your big reveal as you walk down the aisle.

Pros of a First Look

  • If you’re feeling nervous, it’s an opportunity to calm any nerves
  • You can choose a different location for first look photos
  • When the inevitable happens and you cry, you’ll have the opportunity to fix your makeup before the ceremony
  • You’ll have more time to mingle with guests during cocktail hour as you’ll already have done your photos
  • You get to spend a special moment together in privacy

Cons of a First Look

  • Can take away from the magic of seeing each other as you walk down the aisle
  • It adds time on to the start of the day meaning you’ll have to be ready earlier
  • Your loved ones won’t get to experience the moment you see each other
  • The bride’s dress may get dirty while taking photos
  • Some people may feel a bit awkward doing a first look

Ultimately, the decision for a first look should be made by the bride and groom based on what they want on their big day.

Did you have a First Look, or are you planning to on your wedding day?

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