Photography is an important part of any wedding, all couples want to capture beautiful memories of their day. While some aspects will always be timeless, styles and trends evolve over time. We take a look at some of the hottest styles of wedding photography right now.

Natural Simplicity

More couples are choosing authentic style photos over serious formal posing that can often feel forced. This isn’t necessarily about photography, but more a reflection of wedding styles in general. It’s all about real happiness and emotion and capturing those natural moments. Photos that capture raw moments and transport you back to that day will be something to cherish forever. This Melbourne wedding photographer is capturing beautiful timeless, natural shots.

natural wedding photography

The First Look

The last couple of years has seen a rise in popularity for ‘First Look’ photos. This trend sees couples meet up before the ceremony to capture the reaction of seeing their spouse-to-be for the first time on their wedding day. (See our blog: Pros and Cons of a First Look on Your Wedding Day)


Traditional wedding photography with formal posed photos has taken a back seat to reportage/documentary style photography. Also known as documentary wedding photography, this relaxed photo-journalist approach involves capturing natural moments and people’s actions as they happen.

Atmospheric/Dramatic Images

Atmospheric shots are moody and emotive, usually playing on the natural beauty of the landscape. These powerful looks are heightened with couples surrounded by dark skies, rugged landscapes, clouds or night stars.

atmospheric wedding photography


Drones are popular for both still photography and videography, capturing dramatic overhead footage that just wasn’t possible in the past. It’s a great way to showcase couples within a beautiful venue such as a garden, farm or beach.

Smoke/Colour Bombs

The dramatic effect of smoke and/or colour bombs certainly adds some excitement to your photos. This bomb trend creates a dreamy backdrop that can reflect your wedding’s colour scheme, or contrast the environment you’re in.

smoke colour bomb

Second Photographer

Many photographers offer the option of a second shooter. This enables the photographers to capture both the bride and groom getting ready, as well as making sure they don’t miss any moments by having two sets of eyes (and lenses!).


While confetti is nothing new, it’s still a fun and joyous moment to capture.

wedding confetti

Sparklers and Fireworks

Adding light and movement with the use of sparklers and fireworks makes for some beautiful evening shots.

sparkler wedding photography


Custom snapchat filters, Instagram hashtags and live Stories. These days it’s not just the official photographer shooting your big day, everyone can take part in capturing, and sharing, photo memories.

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