Your wedding day is on the horizon. Most brides focus on the wedding gown, and for good reason: you want to be at your most beautiful on this special day. However, don’t forget another crucial part of your outfit, the shoes! There are several things to pay attention to when buying your wedding shoes. Follow our simple guide to avoid making a mistake.

Head Over Heels

The first thing you should bear in mind is that you will be on your feet the majority of the day. The ceremony, pictures, dancing – these all require you to stand, and will be a strain on your feet. Consider how much experience you have with heels. If you usually wear flats, and your feet are unaccustomed to heels, opt for elegant, but lower shoes. If you have more practice, and are an experienced heel wearer, you can afford to pick higher, but still, don’t go overboard. The sheer amount of time you will be required to spend on your feet is challenging even for the seasoned heel aficionado. Podiatrists recommend heels up to 3 inches high.

No Blisters

When it comes to comfort, the story doesn’t end with heel height. Blisters are uncomfortable in any situation, but you don’t want to deal with bloody feet on your wedding day. To avoid getting blisters, buy shoes in your proper size. Pay attention to the material – plastic, vinyl, and other very hard or coarse materials tend to pinch and chafe. Don’t fool yourself with blind optimism. If the shoes don’t feel comfortable when you first try them on, that’s unlikely to change when you actually have to wear them for hours on end.

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Pick for Style

Of course, all this talk of comfort doesn’t mean your shoes shouldn’t be beautiful. A gorgeous pair of shoes can make you feel special and complete your perfect look. Even if you are planning on wearing a floor length gown, your shoes will peek through here and there as you move. This is the one occasion when it is okay to splurge on your dream shoes. Embellishments, rhinestones, satin, gold – anything goes with wedding shoes, as long as you love it.

Get a Pedicure

To complete the look of your gorgeous Cinderella feet, get a pedicure before the wedding. It is a great way to feel pampered and unwind a little amidst all of the stress of your big day. Your feet will look gorgeous and you will feel utterly relaxed.

Break Them in

Don’t forget to break your shoes in before the ceremony. Even a comfortable pair of shoes feels better when they are molded to your feet. Wear them around the house often, but in shorter intervals. If you notice they are too tight and are causing blisters, put on a pair of thick cotton socks and repeat until the material has loosened. The socks will protect your feet and stretch out the shoes. If all else fails, try the old hairdryer trick.

Have Backup Ready

Even if your shoes fit like a dream, it’s still wise to have a backup pair ready with you at the reception. You never know how your feet might feel after a few hours. A pair of super comfortable ballet flats or even flip flops can be a lifesaver later on in the evening when the party is in full swing.

Enjoy shopping for your dream shoes for this once in a lifetime occasion. Even if no one else gets to see them, you will know just how pretty they are, and they will make you feel like a princess.

Written by Diana Smith

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