Wondering whether to have round or long tables at your wedding? There are some things to consider when planning your sit-down wedding reception.

Look and Feel

Long tables are great for a relaxed, informal feel. They almost make the reception seem like a big dinner party. Round on the other hand, are perfect for creating an elegant, classic ambiance.


With round tables guests can easily converse with others seated around the table, especially if they seat 6-8 people. They also enable guests to freely move around the room to mingle with others. In saying that, long rectangular tables make for a more intimate conversation especially with the people beside and across from you.

Guest Numbers

The number of people on your guest list is an important thing to consider when it comes to table layout. When planning a larger wedding, round will allow you to fit more guests in a space. Try not to seat more than 10 guests at a table though to maintain the sense of intimacy.

Visual Impact

Consider the type of styling you want to achieve. Certain centrepieces and other decorations will suit one style more than the other. Round tables work well for statement pieces like vases and candles. Whereas long tables allow you to get creative with table runners and florals and greenery such as garlands. Hanging installations also look lovely over long tables.


More tables = more money. Every table you add to your seating plan means more linen and centrepieces. Often venues will have tables and linen free of charge for what they use most – either round or trestle tables. If you opt for the opposite you may be out of pocket for it.

Mix of both

Get the best of both words by having a rectangular table for the bridal party and then round for all other guests.

What style wedding table layout did you have? Let us know!

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