Over the last couple of years, the dental industry has improved enormously as a result, all kinds of dental problems can be solved in no time. There was a time when people had to remove their teeth unwillingly due to a lack of advanced dental treatments available in the market. But today the scenario has changed. The advent of all on four dental implant technology has made our life easy. It is an advanced technology using fewer implants than the conventional method. All on 4 dental cost is much more affordable for those who have a limited budget.

People are sick of wearing dentures. Besides, they are inconvenient and irritating. When you have dentures, you are restricted to eating some of your favourite food items. It is not in the case of all on 4 dental implants. The procedure can be done in a single appointment and allows you to eat what you like the most.

Continue reading this article as we are going to give a brief introduction about all on four dental implants. Stay tuned with us.

An Introduction about All on 4 Dental Implant

This unique dental technique was first developed by a famous Portuguese dentist named Dr. Paulo Malo in partnership with Nobel Biocare. The implant procedure was developed using computer simulation, clinical research, and biomechanics. It is a procedure that gives you a permanent teeth solution. Unlike other procedures, it does not require any bone grafts.

The Process Includes:

In the stepping stone, you have to pass through a thorough examination to determine your suitability. An evaluation involves x-rays, CT scans, and teeth impression. It includes four implants to place these implants. The implants used in this treatment are designed in a way to provide stable support to the teeth, which are newly attached. Through this procedure, you can get your implants fixed properly and a full-arch teeth restoration as well.

Reasons to Choose?

These implants are an ideal option for those who are suffering from missing teeth. It gives you a long term solution for your teeth to act as they were before. The procedure helps you to retain your smile in a single day. The process does not take much time for teeth replacement, can be wrapped up within a day. It may be the right choice for you if you are tired of dentures and expect a quick result.

It is very helpful in supporting your dental implants if you have insufficient bone mass to anchor them. Additionally, you don’t need to undergo bone grafting surgery. It is the biggest advantage of having all on 4 dental implants.

A look at the Core Benefits

If you don’t want to stretch up the teeth replacement procedure, all on four dental implants may be the perfect choice for you as it requires only one visit and gives you an aesthetically pleasing appearance that you have been expecting for years.

If we talk about the traditional dental implants method it was quite a time consuming and less effective. It used to take a maximum of 5 to 6 months to complete. Besides, the result was not up to your expectation. The modern dental implant system takes 6 months for healing but gives you a lifetime relief from teeth problems and allows you to smile with whiter teeth.

The implants which anchor all on 4 dental implants work as teeth root thereby preventing bone loss and protect your jawbone. Apart from this, it also improves your oral functionality and enhances it. With this kind of dental prosthesis, your chewing capacity improves and you can eat any hard food items. This procedure allows you to consume all kinds of food. There are no restrictions in all on 4 dental implants treatment.

With time, dentures can loosen a grip while all on 4 dental implants are attached tightly to implant posts that act like natural teeth.


In short, all on four dental implant system is undoubtedly the best option to replace all your missing teeth in one appointment. This innovative dental technology is gaining popularity leaps and bounds. It has proved to be a boon for millions of dental patients.   

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