The food you serve can truly make or break your wedding. Catering is not the focal element of a wedding, but it certainly plays a significant role. Your guests can enjoy the food and have the time of their lives, or it can send them to their rooms and you are left with plenty of not-so-good leftovers. That is why you should choose the best caterer you can afford, and here are some tips to help you.

Your Budget

It is essential to start looking for a caterer early and determine the costs and what they include. If your budget is rather tight, a catering company should be able to provide a package that suits both your needs and the budget. Make a list of potential caterers, go through their menus and packages and carefully inspect what is included in the price. Food truck caterers are famous these days for delivering good service and best quality of food within your budget. Also, if you find caterers that include tableware and linen hire into their offers and costs, you can actually save some extra money for other wedding planning details.

The Quality of Food

In order for your big day to be perfect, you will want to find a caterer that offers delicious food along with a stunning presentation. When interviewing caterers, you should ask to see their portfolio with pictures of their food. Additionally, don’t be shy to ask about the quality and sustainability of their food. You can even search for online reviews of the chosen caterers and see how satisfied other people were with their service and food. Nevertheless, it is essential for your caterer to have professional staff and delicious food of great quality that looks stunning when arranged.

Flexibility of the Menu

Depending on your guests, you will know which ingredients and menus you wish to have at your wedding. That is why you should search for caterers that are flexible enough to adapt to any specific items you wish to add to the menu. Additionally, you can even base your search solely on their flexibility; try to find caterers with customized menus and you will see there are many wedding catering services that are willing to adjust. Such flexibility is essential for the wedding, because there might be some guests who are vegetarians or vegans, and it is always nice to have some tasty food for the children as well.


Besides food, it is important to have professional staff. Be free to ask your caterer about their staffing plans, because the ratio of server to guest can vary on the style of service you choose to have (sit-down, family style, buffet, etc.) Also, the price of the caterer will significantly depend on whether they will use members of their own staff or hire temporary help for your wedding. In order to make a fair comparison between different caterers, you will have to understand the level of service provided. So, make sure to hire a caterer that has a standard service which includes one server per 10 guests and you are promised to have a higher level of service at your wedding.

Tasting Sessions

In order to best determine the quality of the food that is going to be served at your wedding, you should ask for tasting sessions. Tasting sessions will allow you to understand the style, taste, presentation and quality of the offered menus. Also, if the menus are flexible, these sessions will give you the opportunity to incorporate your own ideas and preferences into them.

Although it is not the focal part of the wedding, served food should be of great quality and taste. The service is essential as well, so make sure to choose the best caterer in town who is willing to customise their menus and service.

Written by Diana Smith

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