There’s nothing that quite compares to a wedding at sea, and for love birds interested in a wedding that won’t soon be forgotten, then a wedding on a cruise ship should undoubtedly land at the top of your list.

You’ll be surrounded by family, friends and be riding the waves in a luxurious cruise ship that’s kept spick and span by thousands of crew members. There’s really not much better!

If you’re interested in learning a little more about getting married on a cruise ship, then we have a few pieces of information for you. We’ll take a look at the cruise lines offering packages for weddings, a brief price guide and what to expect throughout the cruise.

The Big Three Cruise Wedding Providers

As you would expect, it’s essential to choose a cruise line that offers wedding services; or at least some sort of package. Cruise Agency can book cruise packages with all the major cruise lines. In doing this, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce your stress level and rest assured that the crew know just what to do to keep your special day moving forward.

Royal Caribbean

Arguably the masters of the seas, Royal Caribbean, offers a tonne of services, which include cruise wedding packages. Through the company’s Royal Proposals; you’ll be provided with a means of popping the question in a secluded, romantic space with a photographer ready to capture the moment.

Royal Caribbean also provides fantastic ‘Destination I Do’ packages which will ensure you have more than enough support and assistance to get on with your special day. You’ll have a friendly team at your disposal which even includes a wedding planner and wedding day coordinator.

Pair these teams with a wedding venue, honeymoon dinner services, three-tiered wedding cake and a honeymoon room, and you’re well on your way to the most memorable wedding at sea you ever imagined.

Princess Cruises

Another magical cruise line offering wedding packages and services is Princess Cruises, with their three wedding options. You’ll have the choice between an at-sea wedding, harbour-side wedding or a magical ashore wedding at an exotic destination.

On-ship options include everything from wedding chapel or library spaces for your wedding, a legal ceremony, boutonniere, beautiful rose bouquets and a whole lot more. A stunning wedding cake, sparkling wine and wedding certificates are also included.

Ashore weddings feature local Officiant services, a wedding cake for two, sparkling wine and more.

Holland America

A third enchanting cruise ship wedding provider is Holland America, with a somewhat reserved take on the cruise ship wedding.

You’ll have a romantic ceremony with the ship’s onsite wedding coordinator where you’ll be happily married and provided a beautiful photo album and keepsake wedding certificate.

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The Cost of a Cruise Ship Wedding

One major perk of a cruise ship wedding is unlimited access to the opulence and magnitude of the ship’s features. A wedding onboard some of the world’s largest vessels can be taken advantage of for just $2,500 — which even includes a photographer, cake, flowers and wine.

In most cases, the cruise will either bundle the wedding into an all-inclusive package, or the price will vary depending on your requirements and own unique demands.

Will Guests Need to Book a Cruise

If your wedding is a harbour-side variety, the good news is that your guests can simply attend and leave the vessel before departure, meaning they won’t need to purchase a ticket. However, if you’re more interested in an at-sea wedding, you’ll need to ask your guests to buy their tickets and enjoy the fun at sea with you!

There’s some more good news too, if you’re in a large group for your wedding, the cruise line may offer a discounted rate or a group bundled price to help you save some extra cash.

Choosing a Season

Although you’re able to choose to have a cruise ship wedding whenever you’d like, whether it be winter, spring, summer or autumn, there may be a fee or added charge. It’s always best to speak with your cruise line about this, and they’ll let you know their recommended dates that will result in you saving as much cash as possible.

And there you have it. Some quick tips and essentials for getting married at sea! Be sure to have a chat to your select cruise line about special offers and services.

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