You’ve been in love for a long time and you’ve decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together, so it’s time to pop the big question. You might have already talked about getting married and now just about making it official, or it’s going to be a complete surprise for your partner and your nerves are completely spent. No matter what the situation, you want to make sure that the ring you’re proposing with is just perfect, as it represents your love, so make sure you get it right.

Check the size

Ring sizes are a tricky thing, not only because you can’t eyeball them, but because it’s not something you can just casually find out. It will be easiest if your partner wears rings, then you can just take one when they’re not wearing it and take it to the jeweler to get the size. The middle three fingers are usually the same size, so it doesn’t have to be a ring they wear exclusively on their ring finger. If they don’t wear rings, you can try sneaky ways of measuring the circumference while they’re sleeping, or getting a friend of theirs to take them shopping and try on some jewelry. Make sure that you are taking into consideration the constitution of the finger as well, because for someone with more fat on their fingers, a size might fit well, but a size up would look better, even if it’s a bit loose.

Go for their style

It doesn’t matter what a traditional engagement ring “should look like” or how big of a diamond people expect to see. You want to get something with your partner in mind, to really show them that you’re making an effort to find something for them. If they like simple jewelry, keep the ring simple – nothing too big or blingy. If they like darker things, consider a goth style ring. You can find so many amazing engagement rings online that it’s basically impossible to not find something they will love.

Put a personal touch

If you really want to make it special and unique, you can put something personal and unique to the ring, like an engraving on the inside of the band, or perhaps using a jewel from a specific place, like your first vacation or the place you met. You can have a ring made from scratch, but it’s quite costly, so getting one off the shelf and just adapting it is a better option. You could also go for something sentimental, like asking your parents, or your partner’s parents if they have their engagement ring they would like to pass on.

Beware of the budget

There is something called the “wedding tax”, which is simply the fact that as soon as someone knows that what they are selling you is for your wedding, they will charge you more. This also applies to engagement rings, so you should know you’re going into an expensive adventure. There’s a “rule” that you should spend three salaries on an engagement ring, but that’s absolute nonsense and you shouldn’t set yourself back just to show how much you love someone. Set aside how much you reasonably can and look for something in that price range. Your partner will love you no matter how much money you spend.

Make sure that you have a pretty case to put the ring in, and make the right atmosphere for the proposal. Avoid the grandiose public gestures, and stick to something intimate and private. There will be a lot less pressure for both of you and you will have a great experience you will both share forever.

By Diana Smith

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