Weddings are extremely stressful events, with so much to do. And one of the biggest challenges that brides face is finding that perfect dress that will make them look their best on their special day.

However, there are many brides who want to look good, but not at the cost of comfort. After all, if it’s your day, then you should be able to enjoy it completely. What’s the use of looking good but not feeling good?

So, if you want a wedding dress that shows off your figure, but is easy to wear, then the classic sheath wedding dress is just for you.

What is the Sheath Wedding Dress?

A sheath wedding dress is one of the simplest designs. The dress simply skims the body and falls straight down to the floor. It takes much less fabric than any of the other gowns, and is an effortless dress to wear.

Who Can Carry Off a Sheath Wedding Dress?

Because of its sheer simplicity, a sheath dress is not something that every bride can carry off. Since it shows off every curve in your body, which at times may not be flattering.

Sheath wedding dresses look best on slender or petite brides. Those with lean frames or even athletic body type will really do well with this style. Bustier or curvier brides may have to forgo their dreams of wearing a sheath wedding dress, since it would not flatter their body types.

The Versatility of Sheath Wedding Dresses

The best part about sheath wedding dresses, besides their simplicity, that is, is the fact that they work well with almost all types of fabrics. If you want sheath dress that is beaded, satin, lace, chiffon or even crepe, you can go for it. The cut of these dresses allows for that soft fall that makes it so elegantly perfect.

Having said that, you need to choose fabrics that will flatter your body type.

For example, the most unforgiving of fabrics to in a sheath wedding dress is satin. While it is absolutely stunning, creating an old-style Hollywood look, it also reveals every single part of your figure. This means that those little bumps that we would rather hide are in plan view in this kind of a dress. If you are sure you want to use satin, then have the dress designed in such a way that there is ruching or a gathering in the places you want covered. Added to that, you can also have your gown cut on the bias rather than letting it fall straight. This will also help hide certain curves you wish to keep hidden.

A safer option would be a lace sheath dress for your wedding, where the fabric softens your curves and is gentler in its fall and not as revealing as satin. And if you want more structure in your sheath wedding dress, you can have it boned. This will also help to hide those little flaws in our figures.

If you are looking for something in between, the go for chiffon as your choice of fabric. It is a perfect balance between the sheer satin and the stiff lace. Because chiffon is so flowing, it softens your curves more forgivingly, but also shows them off to your advantage.

Being able to wear a sheath wedding dress does not mean you have to be model-thin. It simply means that you use the right kind of fabric to ensure that your dress flatters your body. Using the right kind of underwear can also help smooth out unwanted curves.

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