There is probably nothing more romantic than travelling to a remote destination to exchange your vows and “I do’s”. Until the 1980s, destinations for a wedding basically meant getting married in a Las Vegas chapel. Now, as years have gone by, there are more and more all-inclusive 5-star resorts that began to offer all kinds of marriage packages – and that is how long-distance weddings are born. That is definitely an adventure of a lifetime that you will never forget.

However, before jumping to the locations list, you might want to be aware of residency requirements, documents you’ll need, costs etc.

Now let’s get to it, shall we?

Lanai, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best choices both because of its location and the simplicity of legal requirements for weddings. All they require is a fee of 60 dollars and your photo ID.

Lanai is just a 45-minute trip from Maui, and this former pineapple plantation island is a place where many celebrities and billionaires had their wedding celebrations, away from the eyes of paparazzi. In Lanai, there are no stop lights and not one fast food restaurant. There are only 3 hotels and everything else is cloud forests, lava cliffs and breathtaking ocean views.


Even though you still cannot legally get married on the Maldives, it is still the perfect spot for your wedding celebration. You can even opt for an underwater celebration – since the Maldives are packed with underwater clubs. Also, this is a great destination for your honeymoon.

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If you want something different and memorable, Seychelles is definitely the destination for you. The wedding locations are breathtaking – from unique hilltops from which you can see the ocean coves all the way to enormous granite boulders on the world’s most photographed beaches. Also, marriage requirements make it super easy to get married, since there are no blood tests required and the residency requirement is just two days.


This island really has it all – easily obtainable marriage requirements, friendly locals and stunning island landscapes. You will have a feeling like you are standing in the middle of a Windows wallpaper. Also, currency exchange rates are great, which makes this location really valuable.

Speaking of valuable, there are great deals for wedding invitations online– since you’ll be spending a small fortune on your wedding.

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Besides its insanely beautiful beaches and top-notch tourist services, this Caribbean island also earned its popularity because of its predictable weather conditions. Since Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt, sunshine reigns pretty much all year long.

St. Martin

This half-Dutch half-French nation island offers services in both English and French. The vibes on each side are also very different – while the Dutch part is cosmopolitan and lively, the French one is more laid-back. If you are aiming towards a luxury wedding, La Samanna is the perfect choice, and for families and big groups, go with Divi Little Bay.


Ah, Mexico… Ancient Mayan ruins, scenic cenotes, lush rainforests and stunning beaches. In other words, you will have some amazing wedding photos.


No tropical destinations list is complete without the Bahamas. This is probably one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. And how couldn’t it be? Scenic tropical nuptial spots, pearl sand and blue ocean, yachts and billion-star resorts.

So, have you picked your dream wedding destination? Let me know in the comment section below.

Written by Diana Smith

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