SPlanning an ideal wedding takes a lot of time and involves logistics galore, and the first thing that couples need to decide on is the date and the place. One of the wedding trends on the rise this year are amazing destination weddings. And while the Swiss Alps and the glaciers of Iceland definitely have a rightful place in the pool of options, a lot of couples are opting to somewhere more tropical. And this world is full of amazing islands and beaches that are just picture-perfect for a sunny wedding day. Here are some of the top sunny and tropical wedding destinations to help you make the decision:

The Bahamas

This truly is Paradise Island. When you think of a tropical destination, the beaches of the Bahamas certainly come to mind. And it’s so beautiful, couples are choosing over and over again to host their wedding here. There are several smaller islands nearby that you can scout by renting a boat. You will be surprised by the amount of beautiful pink-sand beaches that you will often have all to yourself, and perhaps one of them is the perfect place to say “I do”.


The stunning island of Tahiti, as well as the nearby Raiatea, Huahine and Bora Bora are the perfect escape from reality. Enjoy your time there learning about the amazing legends and trying out some traditional crafts that are still a part of everyday life on the islands. Sleep in a bungalow above the water and take a dip first thing in the morning, before heading off to one of the beautiful beaches or arguably even more beautiful inland nature exploration.

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If you want to be somewhere nice and sunny, but with all the comforts of big city life, then Sydney is the perfect destination for your big day. There are so many options for venues to choose from, everything from stunning beaches, all-inclusive hotels to beautiful golf courses and resorts. Make sure you hire a local wedding videographer to capture all the beautiful moments and breathtaking sights. It is great for bigger wedding parties because you won’t have any problems accommodating all of your guests in one of Sydney’s many hotels.


This place is so saturated with stunning beaches and romantic views that you might want to stay here for the honeymoon, and come back for every single anniversary. Jamaica is so popular as a wedding destination that nearly every hotel offers wedding packages, making it the ideal place for couples who don’t want to have their hands full with all the details, and simply want to have a stunning, classic wedding.

General tips

When planning a destination wedding, it’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner that either specializes in that location, or is from the place you want to get married in. They will help organize things over there and make sure everything runs smoothly. If your guests are expected to pay for their trip and accommodation, you should tell them well in advance, to make sure they have the time to plan and save up for the trip. Finally, you want to visit the destination at least once before the wedding. See if the place is truly as beautiful as it is in the photos and scout out some locations for the ceremony.

Remember that the country you’re traveling to has some amazing local wedding traditions that might fit perfectly into the theme you have in mind, and they are worth researching before flying out there. Don’t forget to check out the marriage license procedure before you go and give yourself plenty of time there before the big day.

Written by Diana Smith

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