Make an Unforgettable Wedding Day

In the summertime seaside or beachside weddings have become popular. It is the idea of the sparkling water, white sand, and outdoor breezy setting that inspire these weddings. Nature lovers particularly love this idea. There are plenty of great ideas for decorations that are inspired by nautical themes. You can choose from a variety of venues like seaports, marinas, or beach clubs which often will create a fantasy seaside wedding for you. The idea is plain fun and it sure beats sitting in stuffy air conditioned rooms when you can be outside and enjoying your wedding day. You can consider having a gazebo created right at the waterside at which you can be joined in marriage while your guests sit behind you in folding chairs. Make it easy to get around for your guests after the wedding by having the tables arranged overlooking the sea and a stage and dance floor set up for the party. There can be many different combinations but the most important one is that you are at a breathtaking venue along with family and friends all celebrating the most important day in your life – your wedding day.

Decorate With Seaside Attributes

Since you’re the bride and you’ve chosen the seaside for your wedding don’t go for traditional wedding gowns. Look for gowns that are more on the casual side which will still make you look like a bride but will be much easier to walk around with at the seaside. Have your groom attired in some casual seaside wear or a naval-suite kind of attire. Tuxedos just don’t make it at seaside weddings. Be sure to let your guests know so that they can dress accordingly as well. If your guests choose to arrive at your wedding in formal shoes give them the option to change into colorful flip flops right at the seaside. For seaside receptions there are many different kinds of creative choices like making use of driftwood, seashells, and other seaside attributes Think of creating anchor table settings and keep everything nautically themed for a most memorable seaside wedding day. If there are boats anchored nearby you might consider having tiny boat table settings or specially made mermaids holding your table place cards. Anything to do with the seaside can be fun and creative.

Choose Clothing of Blue and White Tones

Usually seaside weddings bring colors of blue, white, and even green to mind. You should consider attiring your bridesmaids in these colors. Have them choose dresses that are gauzy and flimsy just right for the seaside in blue and white tones which will greatly complement your wedding attire. Have the bridegrooms in casual white attire. You might consider suggesting to your guests that they also choose clothing in colors more suited for the seaside. In this way everyone is comfortable and can enjoy your special day.

Seafood at a Seaside Wedding

A seaside wedding should have a menu that includes many different kinds of seafood. There is a large variety of seafood to choose from starting with fish and shellfish of your choice. Have delicious seafood appetisers like shrimp salad or shrimp cocktails. Either way seafood appetisers are a great start to a seaside wedding meal. You can choose to make a seafood buffet for your main meal with delicious seafood dishes like Bang Bang shrimp pasta and shrimp with garlic sauce. Your guests will enjoy the variety and the tasty seafood buffet. Don’t forget the cocktails like Bloody Mary, Sparkling Seabreeze, or Peach Fuzzies and others. The idea at a seaside wedding is to have cocktails which are not too potent since the day might be hot. So arrange to include some special cocktails ready to serve and perhaps a nice wedding punch. Then your guests can choose their drinks.

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