Organising your wedding is both fun and a little bit stressful. Still, you’re planning a day that you have always dreamed of, so it’s all definitely worth it. That said, among all the tasks that you have to do, don’t forget about the importance of your bridesmaids’ dresses. After all, your bridesmaids are there to support you during one of the happiest moments of your life, and matching their gowns with your own is a great way to show your bond, as well as style up the wedding theme. Of course, the most important thing when choosing the bridesmaid dresses is to talk to your bridesmaids and see what they’d like to wear. This will give you a starting point for picking matchy-matchy details together.

Follow the wedding theme

One great way to have your bridal gown match the bridesmaid dresses is to use your wedding theme as a perfect solution. Of course, the more specific your wedding theme, the easier it will be for you to find a way to match your gowns. For instance, Australia weddings are really popular both with locals and people looking into destination weddings, and some of the most popular wedding themes in the Land Down Under are beach weddings and vintage-like ones. You can use this to choose obviously different dresses for all of you, but have them still all possess equally obvious features of a beach wedding theme, a vintage-inspired wedding, etc.

Use a matching accessory

In case you want something more subtle for your matching look, you can always go with the simple solution of using a matching detail/accessory. This allows you to even go as far as to choose a different bridesmaid dress for each of your bridesmaids so that the dresses suit their taste and body shape the best. That said, you can choose the same purse, bouquet, hair piece, gloves, shawl, etc. that will still be a clear matching detail for your wedding day.

Play with colours

Another easy way to match bridesmaid dresses to your bridal gown is to see what you can do with pops of color. This is especially effective if you already plan to have a vibrant pop of color in your bridal gown yourself. You can have all your bridesmaids wear the color that’s the same or very similar to the detail of your wedding gown, or have them wear a striking detail in color you chose. For instance, wearing bright and colorful wedding shoes is very trendy in Australia, the world’s leading trendsetter for a while now. If you opt for this, then you can easily find gorgeous bridesmaid dresses in Australia that can be customized to feature that same color from your shoes in a form of dress detailing or accessories.

Match the cut of the dresses

In the end, it’s clear that your bridesmaids cannot wear exactly the same dress as you on your wedding day. However, if you really want them to match, you can carefully select bridesmaid dresses that have a very similar cut (flow, neckline, sleeves, corset, etc.) to your own dress. With this choice, it won’t matter whether you’re holding your wedding at one of Australia’s sandy beaches, having an intimate cottage wedding or a jet set one in a fancy venue, as the bridesmaid dresses will all depend solely on the cut and design of your wedding dress.

This is not something you should do on your own. Therefore, make sure to include your bridesmaids and have fun brainstorming, browsing and shopping together for the perfect dresses that will make this day the most special for everyone involved.

Written by Diana Smith

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