Ball gown wedding dresses are among the most popular styles for a wedding. This is because they are so romantically evocative of fairy tales – remember Cinderella? Such wedding dresses are also called Disney Princess Dresses or even cupcake wedding dresses!

Here are a few things you should know about ball gown wedding dresses before you select one for your wedding.

What are Ball Gown Wedding Dresses?

Ball gown wedding dresses have fitted bodices and full voluminous skirts. The skirt of this wedding dress starts at your natural waist and can have a train; you can choose the length of train to suit your desires!

The fitted bodice can be plain or with work on it, but it is always fitted. That is the beauty of this gown. You can, however, play with the fullness of the skirt, though if you have too full a skirt, it may become cumbersome.

Formality and Venues for Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The ball gown is usually worn for more formal, grand or traditional weddings. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a ball gown dress for your wedding, even if it isn’t being held in a grand cathedral.

Mobility in a Ball Gown

Since the skirt of a ball gown is so full and your feet will be covered, you can opt for a comfortable pair of shoes for your wedding. This way, you can dance the night away and not be worried about having to sit things out because your feet are too sore because of those gorgeous, but impractical stilettoes you wore.

The downside to wearing a full-skirted ball gown on your wedding day is that you may have trouble when you need to go to the toilet. You may need your entourage to help you every time you need to go.

Body Types that Ball Gowns Suit Best

This is a very versatile wedding dress. It can be fitted to almost any body type – with a few adjustments, of course. Because of its full skirt, the ball gown makes your waist look tiny.

However, you need to ensure that the fullness of the skirt is adjusted for your body type.

So, if you have a slender, boyish figure, then you can sport a fuller skirt on your gown, since that will give the illusion of a curvier figure. And if you have a pear-shaped figure, then you can also have a fuller skirt. Busty brides also will good wonderful in a ball grown wedding dress, since it balances out their figures beautifully.

If, however, you are petite and want to wear a ball gown, it would be best to go for a narrower skirt. A too-full skirt may swallow you up and make you look even more petite that you actually are.

Another point to remember is that if you are on the smaller side, wear an unadorned ball gown wedding dress. A plain ball gown with no work on it has an elongating effect, so you will look taller when you wear it.

Necklines that Look Best on Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

While you can’t really tamper with the bodice of a ball gown wedding dress, you can definitely get creative with its neckline. However, do ensure that you choose a neckline that enhances your attributes.

Choosing the right neckline will depend on whether you have broad shoulder or narrow, the shape of your face, how busty you are and so on. Keep these factors in mind when you chose the shape of the neckline of your wedding gown. After all, you want to look your best!

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