Planning a wedding is a very stressful period. You have so many decisions to make, and one of the most important ones is the wedding venue. And if you break that decision down, you need to think about the budget, style and setting. One of the first questions is: indoors or outdoors? Those who choose outdoors are making the trade of additional planning and stress for the most amazing views and atmosphere. So, if you do choose to have your wedding outdoors, here’s what you need to focus on:

Do you need a backup?

Venues are booked months or even years in advance, when there is no possible way to know exactly what the weather is going to be like on that very day. In some areas, you might know exactly how the weather is for each season, but most of the times, you aren’t that lucky. This means that you’ll need a backup option if rain comes down or even if the weather gets too hot. A simple solution you can go for is setting up tents, which will protect you and your guests from both the rain and too much sun. For a step up, you can find a venue that supports both an outdoor and an indoor setting or a ballroom where the walls can open up to the outside.

Think about the ground

Nearly all of your female guests are going to be wearing heels, and everyone knows that heels and grass don’t mix. But even for those in flat shoes, walking on the uneven ground can be an issue, especially when you get to dancing. If you are renting out the venue, you can also rent a deck for a dance floor or even to cover the whole area. However, if you are hosting the wedding in your own back yard, you can invest in decorative concrete to cover parts of your yard and create a more comfortable setting that will last well after your wedding.

Don’t forget about the food

You might have an ideal menu in mind filled with your favorite foods, but when you came up with it, you might not have been thinking about the weather on the day when you’re outside. If the temperatures are too high, things can start to melt or spoil, not to mention that any sudden rain might completely ruin some arrangements. This means that you’ll either need to change your menu or pay extra for things like ice trays and display tables with cooling systems or have an indoor kitchen where the food will be kept before taking it out, removing the possibility of a buffet.

Plan your outfits

When you are trying to figure out your outfits for the big day, keep in mind that being outdoors might mean needing a few alternatives. On top of the bridal gown, you might need a jacket or cardigan, or even a bodysuit underneath it with some sleeves. For the groom, there’s more of an opposite problem. A suit might simply be too warm to wear during a summer day and sometimes, even a long-sleeved shirt can feel too hot, so think of alternatives that you can wear if the weather gets too warm, like a short-sleeved shirt or at least make sure that the sleeves are loose enough to be rolled up.

You will definitely want to hire a great photographer because the pictures taken during outdoor weddings are the best you could possibly imagine. Sometimes an outdoor wedding might feel like too much of a hassle, but it will all be worth it on the big day.

By Diana Smith.

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