Of course the first thing you have to decide is when and where the hen party will be and it should be held 4 -6 weeks before the wedding day. Next up you’ll have to make up a guest list and you should ask the bride to help because she is the only one who knows who she wants to attend her hen party. Afterward make sure to send out the invitations in plenty of time for the guests to make their plans to attend. Always consult with the bride on the plans you are making for the hen party. She might want to plan the party with you or she might just appreciated knowing what you’re planning. The important thing is to find out what she prefers and what she does not like or want to do.

When planning for the hen party you must take into consideration the age group of the guests and if there’ll be any guests who are attending that are of the older generation. Preparations for the hen party should consider participation of all age groups so no one feels left out or no one feels embarrassed at doing some things. You must then consider if you’ll be having the hen party at someone’s home or if you might want to rent a place or go on a special trip. Once you have decided on where the hen party will be held you have to keep in account how much it will cost. You have to plan a budget and find out if the others attending the party can take up the costs if it means a weekend away from home.

Always keep in mind that your guests are going to be a mix of people so you might have single friends, pregnant friends, young mum friends, and those of the elderly generation attending. You must make sure they can all be comfortable, enjoy themselves, and have a choice of food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. If the party will be somewhere away from home then you must consider how all the guests are to get to the destination of choice and if you’ll all be traveling separately or together. When considering a party away from home you have to make up a list of the costs so that your guests know how much their share of the costs are going to be. Your guests will also have to be prepared as to what they are going to wear and what clothing they might have to take with them.

Food Ideas for Hen Party

Food is important when you are considering holding a hen party. Usually it is a great choice to have a variety of food so everyone can have a favourite. Depending on whether you’ll be making the food yourself or having it catered, finger foods are the best way to go. You can have mini pizzas, quiches, salads, and other kinds of foods among which your guests at the hen party can make their choices. You can choose to make a delicious bolognese sauce which can accompany some pasta or can be used for making mini pizzas. So whatever your choice great food is one of the best parts of a hen party. Don’t forget the desserts and serve up all kinds of delicious sweet treats like tarts, little cakes, and cupcakes.

Entertainment for Hen Party

It can be a lot of fun to arrange to have a stripper for your hen party however you have to consider the age range of those who are attending. Remember that not everyone enjoys this kind of fun. It is usually the younger age women who love to see male strippers entertain but older age women might feel offended or embarrassed. So consider who your guests will be and make your decision based upon that. If you do choose to have a male stripper make it a real fun entertainment for all. Keep in mind that if you choose to take everyone out to a strip club you have to make sure everyone is of age and has an ID confirming this.

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Cooking Together

If you have chosen to have the hen part at someone’s house you might consider that it can be fun for everyone to cook the food you’ll be making together. So decide what dishes everyone can have fun preparing and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. You can make simple pasta dishes with delicious pesto sauce or choose to make homemade pizzas. Either way cooking together can bond you all closer, make for fun entertainment among yourselves and the older generation can teach some things to the younger generation. Don’t forget to decide on some desserts you can prepare or bake a large cake.

Cake for Hen Party

When deciding on a cake as a centerpiece for the hen party consider either making a several layer cake or ordering one specially for the party. If you choose to order a cake you can have it specially decorated with your choice of decors. Perhaps you might consider that it can be just as much fun to make a large cake together as it would be to cook together the food that you serve and eat at your hen party. Remember what is important is have a good time with friends and family and eating good food.

Serving Alcohol at Hen Party

The kind of alcohol you choose to serve at a hen party depends on how many women are of drinking age. If you’re having a hen party in a private home you don’t want to serve too much alcohol. So a good idea is to have the ingredients for some popular cocktails like Mojitos and Cosmopolitans and have a bowl of punch for those who do not wish to have drinks. Remember to provide non-alcoholic drinks for those who cannot or don’t wish to drink anything alcoholic and for those who are underage or pregnant. If you are having a sit down dinner and serving pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce remember to have red wine on hand. So make your choice of red or white wine with dinner being served and have cocktails and punch available as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

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