Your best friend is soon to be married and it’s time for all of the bridesmaids to come together before the wedding and organize an unforgettable bachelorette party. Even though you probably want this party to be a surprise for a bride-to-be, you still have to ask her about specific details, her wants and preferences, so that you can really make this event all about her. Surprises can come in different forms later on.

Decide on a theme

As mentioned, talk to the friend who’s getting married about her ideal way to celebrate her last days of being a bachelorette. Take into account what she has to say so that you can get a good idea on what a perfect theme for her party would be, or simply discuss the variety of possible themes and let her choose her favorite. People are different and while some will enjoy a relatively quiet evening with their closest friends in a homey atmosphere, others would absolutely love to party all night long with music, drinks and crowds.

Set the date

The Setting the date for a bachelorette party should be finalized two to three months before the wedding day. As the big day is approaching, your bachelorette will only have less time to spend on tasks and events outside of the wedding preparation plan. By setting the date for a bachelorette party early, she’ll be able to organize herself better, and you will have time to take care of all the necessary preparations to make this party a blast.

Send out the invitations

As soon as you have the date for the bachelorette party set, make sure to create a guest list and contact everyone on that list via email. That way, they’ll be expecting the bachelorette party around the specific time and you’ll have room to complete any necessary arrangements regarding the place and entertainment so that you can send out real invitations at least a month before the party with specific place and time stated on them.

Bachelorette party

Book everything in time

Whatever your theme is, food and drinks are something that should be taken care of as soon as possible since the chances are you’re going to order them and not make the meals yourself. But, if you’re planning a bachelorette party in Archie Rose Distillery, you shouldn’t forget to make reservation. Party should be reserved as soon as possible to prevent any reservation problems later on, and to secure you with a place that you and the bachelorette find the best.

Plan the activities

Once the tedious business of organization and reservation is out of the way, you have time to calmly and thoroughly plan the evening of fun. Of course, keep some of the activities a secret from your friend you’re throwing a party for, so that she can be pleasantly surprised. There are various kinds of games and activities that you can enjoy during a bachelorette party so don’t forget to include the most amusing ones on your list. Also, talk to the café owner about some activities just in case, so that you don’t have any problems while the party is at its peak.

If all the bridesmaids chip in, the bachelorette party for your dear friend won’t cost a lot but you will all be able to have a great time and relax. One additional tip for all the bridesmaids trying to organize a bachelorette party: If there’s going to be alcohol involved, don’t set the date right before the wedding, but a couple of days or a week before!

Written by Diana Smith.

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