Are you one of those brides who has a lot of body art and has no idea how to feature it on her wedding day? You may also be in a dilemma whether to cover it up or to flaunt it proudly and if the answers to both is Yes, you’re in the right place. The following quick guide will let you know just how to perfectly conceal or reveal all of your beautiful body art, depending on your preferences.

Low back

If you’ve decided to adorn your back with a tattoo, and you’d also like everybody to see your work of art as you say I do to your other half, then a wedding dress with a low back is the right choice for you. Covering you from head to toe, leaving just the back opened, this will be a wonderful and subtle way of showing the body part you like the most, and let everyone else admire it as well. On the other hand, this type of dress will be perfect if you wish to cover up the tattoos on your front.

tattoo wedding dress

Sophisticated and strapless

The elegant strapless dress is the ultimate cut for a bride wanting to show off her full-sleeve tattoo. Since you won’t have straps or sleeves blocking the display of your arms or shoulders, a heart neckline will be ideal for brides with tattoos covering the shoulder, neck and going all the way down their arms. If you’d maybe like to cover up your lower back tattoo, this cut will also be just the one to look after.

Long sleeves

If your intention is to cover the tattoos you’ve inked on your arms, without making it too obvious, go for the gown that fully covers your inked areas. A gown featuring long sleeves is very elegant and trendy so you won’t risk looking old-fashioned even if you cover yourself up. Furthermore, you might have the best Japanese tattoosall over your upper body, and if you want to conceal them, a bolero will do a great job at masking them. Depending on the length of your sleeve and the size of your shoulder tattoos, a bolero will cover tattoos anywhere on your arms. Consider boleros made of lace and mesh, and if you want a safe full coverage, go with a structured, silk, or a satin bolero.


Whether you’ve decided to get ink on your fingers, the back of your hand or maybe on your wrists, gloves will help you keep them away from the public eye. If you’ve gone beyond the hand area and decorated your forearms with tattoos as well, you might want to consider long gloves going all the way to your elbows. Add some sophistication and vintage flair to your wedding attire and make gloves your number one wedding accessory.

Cover it up with make-up

If even with the most beautiful dress and wedding accessories you still can’t hide all the tattoos, and you feel like they should be covered up, consider hiring a professional make-up artist who’ll know just how to conceal them, without making your dress look frumpy and stained from all the coverage. If you’d like to have fresh, un-inked skin for a day, a trained professional will use all of the tricks up their sleeve to make sure you look flawless on your big day. However, keep in mind that if you want to cover the areas that will go in contact with your dress, you need to know that the make-up will eventually rub off, and potentially ruin your dress as well.

No matter how much fun it is to have tattoos when it comes to your wedding day, you might feel like they’re a bit too much. If that’s the case, you won’t have to worry about concealing them the right way, because all of the aforementioned dress types will allow you to either show off or hide your body art and look stunning on your big day.

By Diana Smith

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