Being the best-looking bride isn’t just about the pretty pictures or outdoing yourself. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and confident that you are making the best decision for your future. So in the midst of picking out a dress, finding the perfect accessories and scheduling hair and makeup appointments – you mustn’t forget to tend to something that is more important: your skin. It’s the base of everything you put on and you want it to be as flawless as possible for the big day. Here are things to think about in the months leading up to the wedding:

Go through your makeup drawer

The first step to having healthy skin is not poisoning it with toxic, expired and filthy makeup. You might not want to hear it – but most of our makeup drawers contain something that matches that description. Putting on makeup that is past its expiration date, low-quality or toxic will harm your skin, cause it to break out, make it red and inflamed and in worst cases, even give you infections around your eyes and mouth. So, put on a brave face, go through the makeup drawer and throw out everything except the highest-quality pieces you have.

Get rid of past regrets

Getting married is starting a new life and leaving the life you lived before in the past. But we were all young and naïve in the past, and maybe you’ve done something that you regret – like getting a tattoo. If the tattoo is badly done and in a highly visible place when you are in your dress, especially in warm places like Australia where you’re more likely to wear a strapless or short dress, you can find professional laser tattoo removal in Sydney to get rid of that, or at least fade it enough so it can be covered by makeup. Even if it’s not your ex’s name, you still don’t want any bad illustrations taking center stage at your wedding, and you definitely don’t want them dictating what kind of dress you can and cannot wear.

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Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist

If you’ve long been suffering from different skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, what better time to do something about it than before your big day? And even if you don’t have any real conditions, there can still be ways for your skin to be better, more glowing and smooth. There is a plethora of treatments you can go through to improve the state of your skin, from peels to scrubs and needles, and it can be not just a skin treatment, but a pampering session that you can do with your friends.

Be on top of your makeup routine

No amount of treatments can help you if you don’t maintain a good skincare routine yourself. Talk to your dermatologist several months before the wedding, get a line of good quality skincare and start using it daily. The reason you want to do this a few months in advance is to see your skin’s reaction because if there’s anything in those products that will irritate your skin or make you break out, you want to have time to be able to fix it and bring your skin back to normal.

The last thing you want to think about on your wedding day is a pimple that you got the night before because you were stressing about the flower arrangements, so perhaps the most important tip of all is to relax, not stress too much and enjoy your day. Because no matter what your skin will look like, you will be loved all the same and look absolutely perfect to your partner.

Written by Diana Smith

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