In any event, finding the best catering service is essential. The need for catering service is always present for corporate and wedding occasions. The Caterer who provides good food and is recommended by many is still the best option. Caterers most often make or break the whole event and are the key partner for every occasion. Catering services differ depending on the size and level of the function being hosted. Two of the most common events that usually need a catering service are weddings and corporate events. Here’s how they differ.

Corporate event catering

The service will depend on what type of event will be held. It could range from small gatherings to fancy dinners. Companies can choose to only have a small open bar for all employees or choose to have small food tasting option. Corporate catering are not always staffed. It has been known that catering services which handle corporate events offer the best snacking food and sandwiches. Food for this kind of activity can be more practical, but you can always put up a fancy menu. When it comes to having an elegant corporate function, it’s important to hire the catering service that specifically serves food for a corporate event. Corporate functions should be relaxing so food services should be catered following this fact. It’s important that caterers not only provide quality service but also prioritise the business that hires them. Hiring a wedding cater for your corporate event might not be a good idea and will just waste your money. It’s important for you to choose the right Sydney corporate catering so your event will be a big hit.

Wedding Catering

It’s one of the large-scale types of catering and is very common. The food at the reception is one of the essential aspects of the whole wedding. It is necessary that wedding guests are being offered good food. Not only good food but the foodservice should accommodate all the guests. This is kind of tricky since you’re not always sure how many people will be present during a wedding. The menu at the wedding is based on the theme but can also reflect the diversity of the guests. Wedding catering should have a view of a different taste. Most wedding caterers are also in charge of the display and table settings. They are responsible for running a buffet, breaking down the tables and chairs, providing meals according to the guest’s preference and following the food requirement listed on RSVP cards. They are also required to cut the cake up in to slices so everyone can have a taste. It’s essential to have a wedding catering service that is known for delivering excellent service because, at weddings, people are usually consumed by stress. So it’s important that the catering service can provide an elegant menu with food that is not only presentable but also taste wonderful enough to give the people a good mood.

Catering falls under food service business but note that the industry is also divided into different types. Each event has a different requirement; you must choose what better suits your type. You should know the different kind of catering service so you can make an informed decision when it’s time to choose a catering service for the event you will be hosting. Remember the event is just as important as the food being provided. There are hundreds of food choices, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan for a menu. The key is to know your guests. Your guests have a different dietary need, and their taste also varies, so make sure that your menu aligns with this and you will have an unforgettable event.

Written by Sheila Vistal

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