Is your wedding day on the horizon and you are stuck on which pair of shoes you need to choose? Most brides turn their attention to the wedding gown hoping to be at their most beautiful during the special event. However, they seem to forget the vital part of their outfit, the shoes! There are several considerations while purchasing the perfect wedding shoes. But before you start shopping, follow the simple guide below to choose the right shoes and also avoid making mistakes.

Head Over Heels

The first thing you need to remember is that you will spend the better part of the day on your feet during the wedding. The whole ceremony involves things such as photo sessions, dancing, etc. which requires you to be standing, and this can strain your feet. Gauge your experience in heels. If you are used to wearing flats, and your feet are not used to heels, consider choosing lower-heeled shoes that are elegant. However, if you have experience wearing heels, you can opt for higher heels, but still, do not go overboard. The whole time you are required to remain standing is quite a challenge even if you are a seasoned high heels aficionado. Shoe specialists and podiatrists recommend heels that are not higher than 3 inches.

No Blisters

When considering comfort, the whole story doesn’t stop with the height of the heels. Blisters can be uncomfortable on any occasion, but you won’t want to have bloody feet on this special day. To prevent blisters, ensure that you correctly choose shoes that fit your size. Additionally, you need to be meticulous with the material – vinyl, plastic, and other course materials are likely to pinch and cause blisters. Don’t use blind optimism during your shoe selection. If they are uncomfortable at their first try, that’s unlikely to change when you wear them throughout the day. It’s a good idea for the wedding party to have some bandaids from Coles to hand on the day just in case.

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Don’t Forget Style

All the talk regarding comfort doesn’t rule out how beautiful your shoes should be. Purchasing a gorgeous pair of shoes completes your perfect appearance and makes you feel unique. Whether you have a floor-length gown or a shorter one, your shoes always peak through now and then while you move. This is an occasion when you can afford to splurge for the pair of shoes you have always been dreaming of in your life. You can find different styles online including styles such as rhinestones, satin, gold. Anything can go with the pair of shoes, as long as it matches your taste.

Get a Pedicure

To achieve a complete beautiful Cinderella look, get a professional pedicure prior to the special day. This way, you will feel pampered as well as get a chance to unwind a bit amidst the stress that comes with the wedding. You will be utterly relaxed and look gorgeous before your wedding day. Remember to grab the latest  Coles magazine for some tips on beauty matters such as pedicure and manicure.

Have a Ready Backup

Even after finding the perfect shoes for your wedding, it is wise enough to have a ready backup at the reception. You may not have an idea of how your feet may feel like after wearing those shoes for a few hours. You can use a pair of flat ballet shoes that are super comfy, and these can be a real lifesaver later on in the day when the party takes a full swing. Remember to include your backup pair of shoes as you stand to get bigger discounts while purchasing more than one pair.


Take pleasure shopping for your dream wedding shoes for this is once in a lifetime event. Even if no one takes a closer look at them, you will feel fulfilled about how gorgeous they are. Take time to go through online stores and to find the perfect wedding shoes and have them delivered on time. Follow the tips above to ensure you buy the right shoes for the perfect wedding occasion.

Author Bio: Rajhu S Goraai is a regular contributor on top business blog. Connect with him on Linkedin.

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