Different flowers say different things, and there is a flower for all types of relationships and for all types of occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new babies, funerals, new homes, offices and more.

If you want to ensure that you’re saying the right thing through the flowers that you’re gifting, consider this your ultimate cheat sheet.

Flowers for a new baby

When a family member, a friend or a colleague has brought new life into the world, sending flowers is a thoughtful and kind gesture. There are flowers that are more appropriate to celebrate new life than others, including daffodils which symbolise new life, Spring time and good fortune. Other flowers that are perfect for this occasion include bright-hued flowers like yellow roses (to represent joyous love), orchids (to represent a rare and delicate beauty) and other white flowers to symbolise purity and innocence.

You can also buy a new mother and father a floral set or hamper that includes a bouquet of flowers along with a teddy bear for the baby. Remember, you can get Flowers For Everyone and get any gift hampers sent straight to the door of the recipient.

Flowers for corporate events

Flowers can brighten up all spaces and interiors, including corporate spaces. Flowers arrangements that will inject some style and elegance into any boardroom may feature opulent orchids, tropical calla lilies, hydrangeas and fig branches styled in perfection within luxury glass vases. You may also find that these flowers work well in a new home, as they transform any space and inject optimism and brightness.

Corporate flowers

Flowers for a birthday

If you’re looking to gift a loved one on their birthday, sending flowers is a great idea. However, you shouldn’t just send a bouquet of flowers without looking into the meaning of different types of florals. Instead, research into the meaning to ensure your gift expresses the love and the emotion that you want to.

For example, roses generally symbolise love, but different coloured roses represent different types of love. Yellow roses, in particular, are the perfect gift for a friend on their birthday, as they represent a joyous kind of love between friends. Another good flower to gift on a birthday include stocks, as this flower symbolises a long and happy life. Or, to express joy and cheer, why not send a loved one some daffodils or sunflowers.

Flowers for an anniversary

Gifting your other half with flowers on your anniversary is almost customary. But, rather than sending the classic red rose, you should pick a flower that symbolises a long lasting love.

Dahlias, in particular, are the perfect flower to give a partner on your anniversary. They symbolise a lasting and unbreakable love between two people, and an everlasting commitment to one another.

Anniversary flowers

Flowers for a wedding

There are certain flowers that a popularly common during wedding ceremonies. They are classically white or pink, and they include: a peach rose (symbolic of modesty and demureness), sweet peas (symbolic of bliss and pleasure), peonies (symbolic of a happy life and prosperity), pink stargazer lilies (symbolic of wealth, aspiration, prosperity and honor), and white calla lilies (symbolic of magnificent beauty and purity).

Thank You flowers

In a scenario when you want to express gratitude to somebody, you should send them flowers that specifically symbolise appreciation and thanks. For example, a pink-coloured rose represents an expression of gratitude and an appreciative love. You could also send a person hydrangeas as they symbolise heartfelt and sincere emotions of gratitude.

Flowers to be romantic

Perhaps the most common reason to gift flowers is to express feelings of love for someone. Gift these flowers on Valentine’s Day, on a loved one’s birthday, on an anniversary or just spontaneously.

The most romantic flower includes the classic red rose. The red rose is synonymous with Valentine’s Day and is the ultimate symbol of love. While roses in general signify love, red roses in particular is the lover’s rose, and represents an enduring passion between two people. 

Another way to show romance with a bunch of flowers is to gift your lover red tulips, as these symbolise a true love that is perfect. Or, you could gift red camellias as these represent passionate love and desire, similar to red carnations that represent a deep love and affection.

Flowers that symbolise a softer love, instead of an intense love, include lavender roses (representative of love at first sight and a blossoming love that is full of enchantment), daisies (symbolic of a loyal and pure love), and amaryllis’ (to convey splendid beauty as well as a deep worth beyond beauty).

Gift any of these flowers to your loved one to show respect and love on any day of the year.

Flowers for a funeral

Not surprisingly, there are some flowers that are more appropriately found at a funeral. These include white stargazer lilies, which are representative of sympathy, innocence and purity. Statice flowers also represent sympathy and remembrance.

Get well flowers

There are some flowers which are appropriate to send somebody when you want to wish them well or a speedy recovery from an illness. The flowers you should send are daisies and tulips. This is because daisies and tulips are cheerful and bright and are incredibly low maintenance. This makes them the perfect addition to any hospital room or bedroom, where they can bloom without much attention and brighten someone’s day.

Get well flowers


Flowers can say everything you can’t, as long as you pick a flower with the right meaning. Now that you know what flowers are common at a wedding and a funeral; what flowers to give at a baby shower; what flowers are appropriate for the office; what flowers express sympathy, gratitude and wellness; and, crucially, what flowers express undying love and passion, you can gift the right bouquet this year.

Written by Helen Cartwright

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