Everyone agrees that all important events in life should be captured in photos. But if you ask them about their important photos, almost everybody will tell you that it’s their wedding picture. The wedding itself is already a great and wonderful moment, but people will want to remember it for the rest of their lives, that’s why wedding pictures are very important. Not only do those pictures represent the wedding ceremony, but it also shows the good mood, the happiness, the glow, the feelings, and the style of every person who became part of that moment especially the bride and the groom. It only happens in one day but there so many memories. The moment will be relived every time these pictures will be looked at so might as well keep these photos safe. One of the ways to keep it safe is to have your photographs framed. By having your picture mounted, you can display these cherished photos in your home. Here are some types of picture framing you can choose for your wedding pictures.

Wood Photo Frames

Wood is a substantial material that gives a classic look to a frame. They are perfect anywhere, whether it’s your office or home. Either you can hang them on the wall or place them in your desk or coffee table. With this type, you have plenty of choices because it comes from different colours, ranging from light to dark. You can either complement or contrast your picture. You may also opt for a simple and plain design of the frame, or you can have it decorated with fancy designs. Across the picture framing industry, there are many types of wood that are used. Mahogany is very popular and is used by many because it is very easy to work with and gives a natural finish. Cherry is also commonly used. It offers a glowing finish because its colour deepens over time. The one that offers a clear and natural finish is the Maple wood. Its best known for its blond colour and it’s stable and hard. It’s heavy too. There is so many more types of wood that can be used for picture framing. You just need to have a basic understanding of its properties to help you choose what type of wood to frame your wedding picture.

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Metallic Photo Frames

Many choose this type of frame because of its durability and sturdiness. It’s very versatile that is why it’s the safest option. Metal frames are commonly used in museums, institutions, and galleries. If you are undecided as to what frame will you get, pick this one. It will match almost any photo you have. It has lots of variations, from simple to formal. It can also be trendy and sophisticated. The best thing about a metallic picture frame is it makes your photo looks more lively and stunning. It works very well with wedding pictures, family portraits, and beautiful landscapes.  They are also excellent for prints, posters, and documents such as diplomas and certificates. Aluminum is generally used in making metal picture frames since it’s the most abundant material available and it’s very affordable. Aluminum is very light so a big picture frame with a large size will actually weigh less than you think. Aluminum frames have an exceptional display and don’t require too much maintenance. Bronze which is an alloy made of two metals such as tin and copper is also used to make a metal photo frame but are not always preferred by framers. It has the tendency to produce a green outer layer if it’s exposed to some chlorides. Plus it requires more time for maintenance. There are cases in which silver is used for metal frames. However, since its availability and supply is low, this choice is costly and it’s not always possible.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frame or media frames are like a tablet computer which has LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) but these are specifically created with styles and themes like that of a traditional picture frame to showcase your photo. Its only task is to display your digital images. You can store not only one picture but multiple photos and the device will display these photos in a changeable cycle just like a slideshow. It usually comes with a stand and can support music and videos too. To display your photos on the frame, you simply need to put a memory card where your photos are saved to the slot provided. The good thing about digital frames is that it will automatically make the necessary cropping and scaling so that the picture appears with the correct orientation and size in the frame. If you want to update the content, you just remove the card or directly connect the frame to your computer or laptop. There are also digital frames that support wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Cloth or Padded Frames

These are picture frames made with the use of fabrics. Many people are already making these but you can also buy readymade. These can be attractive additions to your existing home decors. These are commonly used with cardboard. Cloth photo frames can be decorated with embroidery and stitches so it has the main advantage because you can match and mix it according to the style or theme of your room or your house.

Once you have selected your favourite photo of your best day ever, your next step would be choosing a picture frame. In choosing one, you simply need to pick the best option that will complement not only your picture but the decors and colours as well, revolutionising it to a gorgeous artwork. Remember that the best frame would enhance your picture and not distract it. Deciding on what frame to get is not easy. You may want to consult a professional photo framer or check custom framing in Melbourne to help you come up with the best option. With the advice from experts and your attention to detail, you will surely be able to feature your best wedding photo and it will get the attention it deserves.

Written by Sheila.

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